Emergency Rescue and Disaster management solutions

Disasters are unexpected and are mostly inevitable. Due to the vast destructions and casualties left behind, these disasters are sometimes beyond coping capacity of human communities and would lead to tragedies without national and international aids.

In most countries, large aids flow to the areas stricken by disasters, however, only minor improvements are made. In fact, annually a great deal of the GDP of the developing countries is spent to compensate for the destruction and damages left by disasters.

Iran owing to its geographical location is highly prone to a variety of natural disasters as well. Constant increase of population in Iranian megacities, old texture of these cities and the consequent traffic constraints would intensify the potential damages if these cities were stricken by these disasters.

Roham Teb Group consisting of Roham Teb Spadana Co., Forth Millennium Blue Ocean Co., Sanan Institute, and Rebin Co., by depending on the expertise and experience of its experts and to fulfil its social responsibility of managing and reducing the damages caused by natural disasters, is determined to be the pioneering private entity in this arena. This is done through identifying national capacities and by engaging international players to transfer their knowledge, technologies, and experiences to local partners. These would collectively upgrade the national readiness level to respond to natural and man-made disasters leading to reduced damages in particular the related casualties through enhanced healthcare system.